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Be closer to your target audience

Firstly… People judge by the cover

The first thing the customer sees is company’s cover. Our goal is to create a cover, which will arouse the desire to see the content - the products and services you offer.

And later…

The content will deliver the true value of the brand identity

Each element of your visual identity defines your brand to your customers. From logos to business cards, clothing items and vehicles - every detail counts. Together we will define and bring them to life so that the brand works for you.

Structured and organised

How to start?

To make the process easier, we have developed a page with elements where you can choose exactly what you need.

without limits

Hmm that's different

At this stage you will have a meeting with Stefan. He is our Symbolism based Logo designer with over 12 years of experience. Where will you have some preparatory exercises...

hidden emotions


A logo should create question marks. When you've met a person, they're no longer interesting to you, that's exactly how the brand works. Constantly create intrigue, this will make people seek you out and want you.

give color

Pattern & Elements

A stage where we draw the pattern that will complete your brand and give life to the elements you have chosen.


Delivery and Presentation

We have thought about all the aspects that you can have in future work with other designers, advertising producers, etc. That's why you get the online version where you have access to 24/24. Also you will be able to modify each individual element without the help of a designer... we will show you. Plus with all of them you get a 30/30 cm magazine, this is your printed Brand Book.

What is yours is yours

Specially created for you

Become better from today


  • Design Logo
  • Design Pattern
  • Concept and Vision
  • Typography
  • Color Palette
  • Usage Rules and Spaces
  • Printed + Online Brand Book Version
  • Design 6 Elements
Years of experience

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