Google Ads

Be on the Top

Starts right up!

From the moment you pay your budget to Google, your ad starts to be promoted to potential customers.

You are in control!

You are the one who knows and controls the costs of the promotion campaign. You do not risk paying more than "you agreed".

Ask how

You analyze and arbitrate!

At any time of the promotion campaign, you receive reports and data on how effective or inefficient your advertising is.

Choose the best way

We work in order to meet all of our client’s requirements and to suit almost any budget.

Let's create templates that will fit your financial plan thus elevating your business.

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Network Search Campaigns

think globally

If you want your ad to appear in the top of Google search results to attract as many visitors to your site, you need to choose a search campaign.

You must choose this type if you only want to target customers who are looking for certain products or services that you offer.

Display Network Campaigns

think globally

This type of campaign should be chosen if you want your business brand or special offer to appear to potential customers when they browse sites.

Your ad will appear on the Google Display Network of sites that partners with Google. Today, this network counts over 2 million sites.

Gmail Campaigns

think globally

In fact, we're talking about newsletters that are displayed even to those potential customers who did not give you your email address.

Naturally, the criteria for selecting your audience are set by you: from geography and demography to the format in which they will appear.

YouTube Campaigns

think globally

Youtube is daily viewed by millions of people. Among them are your potential customers.

With AdWords, you can display any creative - image, text, or video format.


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