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To save your and our time, we have created a list of frequently asked questions.

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+ How much does a website cost?

The price of a web site depends on many factors. To get an idea of the project you can get in touch with us on 02034884414 - London or 022 960 950 Chișinău. We will ask you some questions about your project, what features and interactivity you expect for the project, as well if you are pursuing the goal of building an online sales platform. After the discussion we will be able to present you a price offer with terms of delivery.

+ How long does it take to build a web site?

Once we sign the contract where all terms and conditions will be indicated, we would need 2-4 weeks to design and build a technical project and design. The most time-consuming phase of any web project is collecting and writing content, but you can also ask for copywriting or photographer services.

+ Why to choose Royal Systems Inc.?

We have a strong and successful experience in programming, graphic design and marketing. We believe that our strong portfolio and our solid reputation for producing quality service on time and at a minimum budget are the best visit cards. We have customers from the UK, America, Russia and the Republic of Moldova.

+ Are prices fixed or time and material?

We offer both options. If you respect the timing and scope defined in the technical project and contract, we can guarantee that the price you quote will be the price we are charging (specified from the start in the contract). However, if you want more flexibility in terms of material collection, design change or even change of functionality, we are happy to work on a time and material basis, it is best to subscribe to the technical support that will make the changes requested by you.

+ How does the making process work?

We have six stages in the process

Architecture If the project is a reconstruction, we review your current content and make recommendations for improvements. If this is a new site, we discuss the topics and functionality you have considered for your site and develop the architecture of the desired site or software (technical project).

Create concept and design Create a concept depending on the brand book you own (colors, fonts, style, image and appearance). This includes the design of web site.

Content Prepare site content (text, images and video).

Implementation Once we have received your approval regarding design and concept, we will move on to implementation. Here the approved project becomes reality in line with the technical project.

Testing We do a final set of tests to make sure everything is working. At this point, you can test the site on a subdomain that we assign to each project individually.

Launch Once we have your final approval, we launch the site on the official domain.

+ Does Royal Systems Inc. have copywriting services?


+ What are the conditions for payment?

Payment is made in 4 installments. The first installment of 20% when signing the contract. The second 20% when you approve the technical project. Third installment of 30% when you approve concept and design. The last installment of 30% after the launch of the project.

+ Do we offer web hosting services and support?

We work with the best companies that provide domain and host purchasing services. Becoming our client we help you with the purchase of a domain and we host your web site. Plus, you have at your disposal the support team that responds promptly and answers any questions Your account will be safe and monitored by the support team and only if the web site is changed to another company then we transfer the project to them. You do not have to worry, we announce when you need to extend the domain and hosting contracts. So you're in safe hands.

+ Are sites adjusting for any device?

Sure! The method we use to achieve this is known as responsive design, which allows the web site to adapt to any type of screen.

+ How can I make changes on my site if I do not know programming?

It's very simple. You have the support team that helps you at any time. Within 24 hours, all changes requested by the client, text, video or images are changed. We always remain available to make changes for you if you do not have time or need complex changes.


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