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Easy management and sharing of contact information from one centralized place.


Reduces the need for paper-based business cards, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.


Visit Card offers a variety of templates and design options to personalize your digital card.

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Go to and sign up for an account with the required subscription.


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Analyze the current features for a better understanding of the functionalities.


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Create the card with the necessary functionalities for structure and styling.

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To access the advanced features of the Visit Card App, you need to upgrade your account to one of the available premium plans. These plans offer an extended set of features and customizable options to enhance your experience and make your virtual business cards more powerful and effective in professional communication.

Visit Card App provides customer support via email and an online help center where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and request assistance with any challenges you encounter.

Yes, you can update the information on your virtual business card at any time, ensuring the latest contact information to your professional contacts.

Your virtual business card can be distributed via email, through social media, or by using a unique link. Additionally, you can generate a QR code for your card, which can be scanned by others to instantly access your business card.

Visit Card App is a digital application that allows users to create, customize, and distribute virtual business cards, enriched with features such as images, links to social networks, reviews, products and services, and online scheduling options.

To create a virtual business card, you need to register an account on Visit Card App, select a template, and customize your card by adding your professional information, links, images, and any other relevant details.

Visit Card App offers a free basic plan that includes basic functionalities for creating and distributing business cards. Premium plans, which offer advanced features and more customization options, are available for an additional fee.

Yes, Visit Card App allows you to easily integrate links to your social media profiles directly onto your business card, making it easier to connect with your professional network.

Yes, the app offers a wide range of customization options, including fonts, colors, templates, and the ability to add your own graphics, allowing you to create a unique and representative card.

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